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Welcome to SeeHear Recordings 2020

The digital revival of SeeHear Recordings is ongoing: In the coming months more and more treasures will be born into the online universum.

Just launched: SeeHearRec on eBay for a convenient order of our records and CDs with worldwide shipping directly to your home.

Scud: - Material

Still fresh as MP3-album: Scud: - Material, finest Drum & Bass and tricky grooves from both 12"-EPs "Material 1" and "Material 2". For those of you who prefer vinyl instead of bits'n'bytes on your hard drive: check our Online-Shop offers at SeeHearRec on eBay or SeeHear on DiscogsĀ®.

Our online revival started with the Swiss sextet Kubus |__|/ with their two jazzy albums Kubus and Kubulus.

Followed by the Soundtrack from our very first Release "No Fruit, No Serpent" by Visual Sounds < ( o ) >. On YouTube you can watch already three of their ambient-grooves music-clips, here is one of it:

More news to come - soon on this page. Enjoy to see and hear!